Pornography Production Harm in Sweden:
filmed prostitution is inseparable from
non-filmed prostitution

A conference for survivors, advocates, policymakers, and people who care about human rights

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Conference is in-person only. No Zoom or other remote options.

We will share the results of a 3-year research study about the ways that women and men are harmed in the production of pornography in Sweden. Survivors of pornography production, policymakers, and the researchers will speak at this conference that focuses on the least-often mentioned aspect of pornography harms: the harms to those people who are filmed in webcam pornography, studio-produced pornography, nude model pornography, and including those who were filmed by a sex buyer’s cellphone while he purchases sex acts.

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Prostitution Research & Education was research lead in this project. The conference is endorsed by: Swedish Women's Lobby, Not Your Whore, Sweden, Swedish Civil Society Platform against Trafficking, Kvinnegrupa Ottar, Norway, SPACE International, The Voices of Israeli Sex Trade Survivors, European Network of Migrant Women, Global Feminist Alliance for the Abolition of Pornography, Association IROKO Onlus, Italy, The Beehive, Colombia, Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP), Mouvement du Nid, France, Osez le feminism!, France, Filia, UK, Red Académica Internacional de Estudios sobre Prostitución y Pornografía (RAIEPP), Spain, Anti Pornography and Prostitution Research Group (APP), Japan, French coordination for the European Women's Lobby (CLEF), Center for Bioethics and Culture, USA, Red Feminista de Derecho Constitucional, Spain, Women's Declaration International Brasil, Women's Declaration International India, Women Making Films India, Culture Reframed, USA, Coalition against Trafficking in Women, USA, Epstein Justice, USA, Empoderame, Colombia, Esquerda sem Misoginia, Brasil, Lime Soda Films, Stop Surrogacy Now, USA, Fundacion Exodo, Venezuela, Support for Organized Abuse and Addiction Recovery (SOAAR), Fight The New Drug, USA Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle (CLES), Canada, People Against Child Trafficking (PACT, previously ECPAT-NewYork), Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE) UK, Nordic Model Now, You my sister, UK, EVA Cente